6/29/2024 Message from Dan

Good morning LifePoint family,

A special thank you to those of you who met at Phyllis Austin’s house for the LifeBody (Body Life) workday last Saturday. I’m told the work is almost finished. I appreciate your labors and I know Phyllis appreciates it. Thanks again to Don and Julie Workman for helping to coordinate this effort.

Also, thank you for your recent giving to different needs we have tried to address as a congregation. Your giving to the special LifeBody offering, your giving to Crossroads Pregnancy Clinic, and other needs is not only much appreciated but is a tremendous statement of your love for God and His people. You guys are the greatest!

No doubt most of you have heard that I was involved in a pretty serious automobile accident Tuesday night as I was returning from visiting my mother in AR. The trailer I was pulling was rear ended by a utility van and I was sent into a skid that resulted in my pickup and trailer coming to rest pointing the opposite direction against the median safety cables. The van ended up on its side facing the same direction. Once we were clear from the vehicles, other passing vehicles picked their way around us until a semi rig whose driver apparently did not see the van lying on its side in the middle of the highway slammed into it demolishing it and his truck. Thankfully, none of us were injured - which seemed to be a miracle. My pickup sustained damage on both sides of the bed but was drivable. My trailer was not as fortunate and sustained heavy damage. The State Trooper who worked the accident was incredible and encouraged me to leave the trailer beside the road once it was freed from the safety cables and return in a day or so to get it. Chuck McDowell and Matt Wittwer returned with me to the scene of the accident yesterday morning to retrieve the trailer, still loaded with firewood, but sadly, it was gone. It seems someone determined it would travel and decided to take it.

Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns. We’re praying we can get all of the insurance “stuff” straightened out and move forward.
Wreck or not - I will be there Sunday morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!
  • In my Pastor’s Class we will continue part 2 of the teaching series “The Millennial Reign of Jesus.” We’re presently studying about the “judgment of the nations.” Come join us at 10:00am.
  • In the Worship/Preaching service we will continue the message series, “Experiencing God.” At this point in the series, I will stray from Henry Blackaby’s position on "how God speaks to us" and will share what I believe to be the more biblical position. This message is critical to each of us since most of us have been taught to “read the spiritual tea leaves” when attempting to discern God’s will and that we should watch for signs, nudgings, hunches, visions, dreams, etc. Is that how Scripture says God speaks to us? This message will likely take me a few weeks to unpackage and is critical to our proper understanding of what Scripture teaches about how God communicates with us.

Please continue to pray for those in our fellowship who are either recovering from surgery or are battling with other challenges.

Also, the Black Robe presentation that was scheduled in Paul’s Valley for tomorrow night has been postponed until later in August. I’ll share more about that in a few weeks.

I’m looking forward to seeing you Sunday morning,