Love of Labor (by Daniel Fire)

They Came With Love
Rolled Up Their Sleeves
Heard Of A Sister
In Dire Need

Over Grown Trees
Boards And Tires
A Lot Of Debris
Some Burned In A Fire

Preacher On Tractor
Dumps Limbs On A Blaze
Like Casting Sins
On Sunday He Prays

Chainsaws Are Buzzing
To See This Is Something
How Can This Not Be
If We Didn’t Do Nothing

Old And Young
All Chipping In
Yard Looking Better
Blessed Seeing Her Grin

This The Day
The Lord Had Made
A Love Of Labor
Church Family Gave

Lord I Thank You
My Purpose Today
Pouring Out Love
In A Clean Up Way

Not Just One Time
Be Back Be Another
Lord Send Us A Blessing
To Help Sisters And Brothers      

Dan Fire