7/20/2024 Message from Dan
by BRR Ministry on July 20th, 2024
Good evening LifePoint family,I apologize that this email is coming to you so late on Saturday, but I’ve been burning the candle at both ends this week. Since last Sunday night, I’ve done 4 BRR presentations and a “Myth of Separation of Church and State” presentation on Wednesday night. I have literally been all over Michigan and I believe I have been able to plant good seeds that will produce muc...  Read More
7/12/2024 Message from Dan
by Val Tharp on July 11th, 2024
Hello LifePoint family,I wanted to remind you that I will be leaving Friday, July 12, for an 8-day BRR speaking tour in Michigan. For a number of years, we have been working with pastors up there, and during this time they have established a strong Liberty Pastors network which is gaining momentum. We have been trying to find a time for me to travel to Michigan and help with their efforts. This is...  Read More
7/6/2024 Message from Dan
by BRR Ministry on July 6th, 2024
Good Saturday afternoon LifePoint family,Sorry this is going out so late.  My life has been on fast play this week.Just a few quick reminders:1. Crossroads Pregnancy Clinic is still doing an incredible job and needs our assistance.  If you are able, you can give a special offering to them through the church and we’ll see that they get it.  Just make certain you note that the offering is intended f...  Read More
6/29/2024 Message from Dan
by BRR Ministry on June 29th, 2024
Good morning LifePoint family,A special thank you to those of you who met at Phyllis Austin’s house for the LifeBody (Body Life) workday last Saturday. I’m told the work is almost finished. I appreciate your labors and I know Phyllis appreciates it. Thanks again to Don and Julie Workman for helping to coordinate this effort.Also, thank you for your recent giving to different needs we have tried to...  Read More
6/21/2024 Message from Dan
by BRR Ministry on June 21st, 2024
Hello LifePoint family, I hope everyone is having a great week.  Congratulations to all of the “true” conservatives who were victorious in last Tuesday’s elections.  Don’t forget to continue to pray for and support those who will have to be in a runoff later this August. Here are some items of importance this week: 1. Our BodyLife Ministry is meeting at Phyllis Austin’s home at 1521 One Creek Dr, ...  Read More
6/15/2024 Message from Dan
by BRR Ministry on June 15th, 2024
Good Saturday morning LifePointers,A big thank you to everyone who attended the Black Robe presentation last Sunday evening and for those who invited others to attend. We had approx. 300 in attendance and enjoyed a great evening together.In case you did not hear, Sunday morning/night you all exceeded our goal of $10,000 for the special Body Life offering by giving an extra $10,000. The total given...  Read More
6/10/2024 Message from Dan
by BRR Ministry on June 10th, 2024
Good afternoon LifePoint family,Very few times am I at a loss for words - but this is one of those times.As you know, because of the needs of a particular family in our church, I had asked you all to consider giving a special offering to our Body Life Ministry. I making that request, I had hoped we could reach the goal of $10,000.I am overjoyed to tell you that we not only reached that goal, we ex...  Read More
6/9/2024 Message from Dan
by BRR Ministry on June 8th, 2024
Hello LifePoint family,Sorry for getting this newsletter out late to you.  Here are a few things you need to remember:First - In my Pastor’s Class, I will continue the new series we started last week on the Millennial Reign of Jesus.Second - in our worship/preaching service we will continue our message series entitled, “Experiencing God,” with part 4 in the series - “God is at work all around you ...  Read More
6/2/2024 Message from Dan
by BRR Ministry on June 1st, 2024
LifePoint family,Here are a few items you’ll want to know about:1. Several of our members had surgery this week.  In each instance, everything went well.  However, they would appreciate your prayers.  In fact, pray for all who are struggling with numerous other challenges.  If you have their contact info, send them a quick text or give them a call. 2. We have a few folks in our fellowship who need...  Read More
5/25/2024 Message from Dan
by BRR Ministry on May 25th, 2024
Good morning LifePoint family,I apologize for this email coming a little later than usual, but this week was incredibly busy for us. That said, I hope you’ve had a great week and are looking forward to a wonderful time at LifePoint this Sunday.Because this is Memorial Day weekend, several of our folks will be traveling so be in prayer for them. We also have many who are either battling with physic...  Read More
5/17/2024 Message from Dan
by BRR Ministry on May 17th, 2024
Hello LifePoint family,I hope you’re having a great week. Here are a few things you need to remember:First – we will be voting to approve the proposed LifePoint constitution and by-laws this Sunday morning, May 19, during Bible study time at 10:00 am. Right after the vote, we’ll continue with our summary study of the Book of Daniel.  May 26 (during Bible study time at 10:00 am), Gary Davis will pr...  Read More
Love of Labor (by Daniel Fire)
by Val Tharp on May 14th, 2024
LOVE OF LABOR:They Came With LoveRolled Up Their SleevesHeard Of A SisterIn Dire NeedOver Grown TreesBoards And TiresA Lot Of DebrisSome Burned In A FirePreacher On TractorDumps Limbs On A BlazeLike Casting SinsOn Sunday He PraysChainsaws Are BuzzingTo See This Is SomethingHow Can This Not BeIf We Didn’t Do NothingOld And YoungAll Chipping InYard Looking BetterBlessed Seeing Her GrinThis The DayTh...  Read More
5/12/2024 Message from Dan
by BRR Ministry on May 12th, 2024
Okay,I have no idea how I pulled it off, but I forgot to honor our mothers today on, of all days, Mother’s Day. I am so sorry. I don’t know whose fault it was – Pam’s, Gary Davis’s, or Hadley Hockensmith’s, but one of them dropped the ball! 😊 I told some of the folks after the service that next Sunday will likely look like a men’s conference since the women may boycott us.On a serious note, I do w...  Read More
5/10/2024 Message from Dan
by BRR Ministry on May 10th, 2024
LifePoint family,Hoping everyone’s week is going well. Here are a few things coming up that you need to know.First, tomorrow (Saturday, May 11) we will have the opportunity to participate in our first Body Life ministry effort. We will be gathering at 8:00am at one of our member’s homes to do general cleanup around the house. The address is: 1521 One Creek Dr., Guthrie, OK. Since we will be workin...  Read More
5/4/2024 Message from Dan
by BRR Ministry on May 4th, 2024
Hello LifePoint family,I hope everyone is having a great week!Tomorrow is an important day for two reasons:1. We will have a town hall meeting during the time of my Pastor’s Class (10:00am-10:45am) to discuss the proposed constitution and by-laws for our church. We will not be voting on them, we’ll only be discussing them during the Q & A time. If all goes well in that meeting, we are scheduled fo...  Read More
4/27/2024 Message from Dan
by BRR Ministry on April 27th, 2024
LifePoint family,I hope you’ve had a great week! I want to shoot out a few pointers concerning some pretty important things coming up.First, tomorrow I will begin a 2-week overview of the entire book of Daniel in the Pastor’s Class. We’ll cover chapters 1-6 in the first lesson and then cover chapters 7-12 next week.Second, tomorrow I’ll be preaching the final sermon in the 4-week series we’ve been...  Read More
4/20/2024 Message from Dan
by Val Tharp on April 20th, 2024
Hello LifePoint congregation,The UCO facility is working out splendidly for us and I couldn’t be more pleased with how all of you are helping to make it our new home.  All our teams are doing such a fabulous job – the greeters, the hospitality team, the stage team, the children’s ministry team, all of you are amazing.I want to give a special thanks this week to those of you who are stepping up to ...  Read More
4/13/2024 Message from Dan
by BRR Ministry on April 13th, 2024
Hello LifePoint family,Our first Sunday at UCO last week was a great success. It was so incredible to see all of you! Thanks to everyone who made it an amazing start to our time we will be meeting at the Nigh Building. Things will go even smoother as we all become a little more familiar with the facility.Tomorrow (Sunday, April 14) will be another great day at LifePoint. First, we will continue ou...  Read More
4/5/2024 Message from Dan
by BRR Ministry on April 5th, 2024
Hello LifePoint Bible Church!“Church” – that has a nice ring, doesn't it? In case you haven’t heard, last Sunday we not only voted to “officially” become a church, but we also decided to embrace the name “LifePoint Bible Church.”And, what an incredible Resurrection Sunday we enjoyed last week. Although it is difficult to count in a room so full, it appears we had somewhere between 235-250 in atten...  Read More
3/30/2024 Message from Dan
by BRR Ministry on March 30th, 2024
Well gang,It’s finally here – our first Sunday morning worship gathering. And what better day than Resurrection Sunday!This Sunday, Mar 31, we will be gathering for our last time at the Will Rogers Center, 3400 NW 36th St, OKC . This will be a historic time for us, not only because it is our first Sunday morning gathering, but because it will also be the first time we celebrate the Lord’s Supper t...  Read More
3/23/2024 Message from Dan
by Dan Fisher on March 23rd, 2024
Wow! This week has flown by. I want to remind you of a few things.  Read More
3/16/2024 Message from Dan
by BRR Ministry on March 16th, 2024
I hope everyone is having a great Saturday. Just a quick word to remind you of what’s going on at LBC  Read More
3/13/2024 Message from Dan
by BRR Ministry on March 13th, 2024
Exciting news to share...  Read More