6/15/2024 Message from Dan

Good Saturday morning LifePointers,

A big thank you to everyone who attended the Black Robe presentation last Sunday evening and for those who invited others to attend. We had approx. 300 in attendance and enjoyed a great evening together.

In case you did not hear, Sunday morning/night you all exceeded our goal of $10,000 for the special Body Life offering by giving an extra $10,000. The total given was a few dollars over $20,000! What a difference this will make in the life of the family we are helping. God bless all of you for your incredible giving hearts.

Another big thank you to everyone who prayed for my trip down to Sherman, TX to do Black Robe on Thursday evening. They had a great attendance and we received an enthusiastic response.

This week we were contacted by Crossroads Pregnancy Clinic in Edmond. They are presently experiencing a time of financial challenge and are asking for our prayers and financial support. As you know, clinics like Crossroads carry out an incredible “in the trenches” work of fighting abortion by personally ministering to women who are contemplating ending the life of their pre-born baby. If there is a ministry worthy of our support, Crossroads is one of them. Please prayerfully consider making a donation to their ministry. You can do that through our church. Just be certain you notate on the check that the offering is intended to go to Crossroads and we’ll be faithful to get it to them – or you can give directly to them. Their website address is: https://crossroadsclinicok.com

Tomorrow morning in the Pastor’s Class at 10:00am, we will continue the series, “The Millennium,” by finishing up part 1: “His Return & Its Timing”.

In the worship/preaching service, we will continue the sermon series, “Experiencing God,” as we explore part 5: “It All Depends on Your Center”. So far, this series has been wonderful and I expect tomorrow to be no different.

Finally, we have several folks who are dealing with physical challenges either from illnesses or recovery from surgery. Please keep them in your prayers.

I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow,


P.S. Oh, and I won’t forget it’s Father’s Day. 😬