3/13/2024 Message from Dan

Message from Dan Fisher:

Hello everyone,

Sorry to be contacting you this early in the week, but we have a few developments that you will want to know about.

First, that was a great town hall last Sunday evening! Thank you to all who attended and for the great questions and comments/suggestions.

Second, we have reached out to multiple venues from the OK History Center to the Will Rogers Theater, to career techs/Metro Tech/Francis Tuttle, to the Central OK Builder’s Assoc. We have discovered that those facilities are either not available on Sundays or they are much more expensive than we are comfortable paying.

However, there is good news! The UCO facility is incredible and, though we would like to pay less, it is the least expensive of all the other facilities, offering us a place to meet every Sunday without having to compete with other renters. The UCO staff are incredibly friendly and helpful and are literally bending over backwards to accommodate us.

It is the consensus of those who are familiar with what UCO offers that we move forward with securing the facility. The wonderful thing is, even though we can secure it for as long as we need (they are comfortable with us meeting there for a year or more), we will not be locked in if we find something better. The UCO Events Manager has already tentatively reserved the facility for us and is giving us plenty of time to formalize the contract. Unless “red flags” pop up very soon, it is my belief that we should go ahead and secure the facility – at least for the month of April. We can begin meeting there as soon as Sunday morning, April 7!

There are many wonderful things I want to tell you about the facility spaces we’ll be able to use at UCO, but that’ll have to wait until we meet this coming Sunday evening, March 17, at 6:00 pm, at the Kimmell Conference Center, 8 NW 42nd St, OKC – just off of N. Santa Fe Ave.

Third, Ike and Peggy Burress are generously offering a 7-day stay in their condominium in Pagosa Springs, Colorado for the week of Mar 23-30! This wonderful chance to spend a week in beautiful Colorado will go to the highest bidder and the Burress’s are giving the proceeds of this fundraiser auction to our fellowship! Below are the details if you are interested and would like to bid on this great opportunity!

Click here for auction details!

See you this coming Sunday,

Dan & Pam