5/4/2024 Message from Dan

Hello LifePoint family,

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Tomorrow is an important day for two reasons:

1. We will have a town hall meeting during the time of my Pastor’s Class (10:00am-10:45am) to discuss the proposed constitution and by-laws for our church. We will not be voting on them, we’ll only be discussing them during the Q & A time. If all goes well in that meeting, we are scheduled for an actual vote on these documents on May 19.

Special note: Remember that the constitution and by-laws are to lay down critical, but general principles and rules for the governance of our church. They cannot nor should they cover every conceivable thing we may encounter as a congregation. These documents are intended, on purpose, to be difficult to amend and therefore must be general enough to guide but not so specific as to shackle. That said, we certainly want to address anything in them tomorrow that is unclear, unnecessary, or overlooked.

2. Tomorrow’s message in the 11:00am worship/preaching service will cover a subject that is always difficult to address but vitally necessary for every believer to understand and heed. The message is entitled, “When Believers Go Too Far,” and will deal with the terrifying, yet real prospect of a believer “crossing the line” and incurring the severe discipline of God. As we will see, this state of sin can even lead to a believer’s premature death because of something Scripture calls “the sin unto death.” With the series we just completed about conflict in the church and the wrong concepts many have about conflict, anger, division, forgiveness, and reconciliation, I feel this is a much needed, yet often neglected, topic and is a natural progression in the discussion we have been having. You will certainly not want to miss this sobering and critical message.

In closing, don’t forget the workday we have planned next Saturday morning, May 11, at the home of one of our precious members.  If you want to know more, please contact me or Gary Davis.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning,